Our Services

Our office specializes in treating children ages 0-18 years old, introducing them to oral hygiene practices that will support them throughout their lifetime. 


We have created our practice around the comfort and safety of the children we serve. Our team is committed to providing a welcoming, positive and fun experience that encourages children to come back. Our highly trained practitioner and staff provide care with a child-first approach, and we are happy to accommodate patients with special needs or complex medical conditions.

Destination Pediatric Dentistry is in network with many insurance plans and we accept all dental insurances. Please call us to discuss your specific insurance and options.

Cleanings, Checkups & Beyond

Each appointment starts in one of our travel-themed rooms and focuses on preventative maintenance. During cleanings and checkups, we take x-rays, when appropriate, and teach best practices for oral health—like proper ways to brush, floss, and rinse. Further, we can provide orthodontic evaluations, provide nerve treatments to baby teeth, and even provide emergency services for trauma to baby and permanent teeth.

Cavities, Fillings & Extractions

While our goal is to ultimately prevent issues like cavities, we understand—it happens! When it does, we specialize in making the process as positive and atraumatic as possible. Whether we’re providing tooth-colored fillings, white or silver crowns, or an extraction, know that we’re providing our patients with the best care possible while reducing their anxieties about dental procedures.

Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Matson’s specialization in pediatric dentistry has provided him with the training necessary to provide advanced behavior techniques such as oral sedation and general anesthesia. This specialty allows him to treat otherwise difficult areas and make the process as calm and pain-free as possible.